The active ingredients in most sunscreens are made from chemicals that absorb into the skin. Dr. Rosen would like to recommend that you use physical sunscreens instead. These are products which have zinc oxide or titanium dioxide as their main active ingredients. This is one way we can decrease our exposure to so many environmental chemicals.

For your convenience, all of the sunscreens that we carry have zinc oxide as their main active ingredient. We carry several sunscreens made especially for the face that do not leave a white film on your skin. We also carry a sport sunscreen that is highly water resistant, as well as a sensitive skin sunscreen for patients with eczema or other skin conditions. Sunscreens should be at least an SPF 35 and should be applied every 1 ½ to 2 hours if sweating or swimming.

Another important way to protect your skin is to use a topical antioxidant under your sunscreen. Often, sunscreens are washed or sweated off. Use of a topical antioxidant in addition to your sunscreen will give you added protection that will not wash off. For more information please click on Topical Antioxidants.