Most people are familiar with Retin-A®, which is one of the most well-known retinoids. These products are actually used for the treatment of acne and similar conditions but became popular due to their anti-aging properties. Retinoids exfoliate dead skin, clean out the pores, and reduce fine lines and wrinkles by building new collagen.

Many patients stop using their retinoids in the summer because of the increased photosensitivity they cause. We know that retinoids can reverse sun damage but many people are not aware that they also prevent new damage from ultraviolet light. This is why Dr. Rosen recommends continuing the use of retinoids during the summer. If this is done, you must be meticulous in wearing sunscreen during the day to prevent sunburn. Click on sunscreens to see which ones we recommend.

Retin-A® and similar prescription retinoids, including their generics, have become outrageously expensive. If they are being used for their anti-aging properties, most insurance companies will not pay for them. We carry generic prescription strength retinoids and charge much less than many pharmacies charge.

We also carry non-prescription strength retinols that are considered to be almost as effective as prescription retinoids. Because these are even more economical, Dr. Rosen recommends giving them a try to see if you feel you are getting the same results.

Note: If you are or become pregnant, you should discontinue use of any retinoid.