Detection & Treatment of Skin Cancer

Dr. Rosen and her providers offer thorough and complete full body skin exams. They feel a quick glance at the skin is not adequate. “The majority of skin cancers and melanomas we treat are found as a result of the detailed skin exams we perform. Most patients are unaware that these cancerous lesions are even present.”

A common misconception that patients have is that skin cancers only develop on sun exposed skin. This is not true, particularly for melanomas. They can occur anywhere on the skin, including under bathing suit covered areas. “I strongly recommend complete skin exams for my patients in an attempt to find and treat skin cancers in their earliest stages. Melanoma is 100% curable if found in its earliest stage, but unfortunately is often fatal if left undetected until its later stages.” If you would like to learn more about the three most common types of skin cancers, please visit the American Academy of Dermatology website link.

Also, don’t forget that sun protection is important for preventing cancer. Not only does Dr. Rosen recommend using a sunblock, but she also encourages her patients who have sun damage to use topical retinoids and topical antioxidants. These products together help reverse and prevent further sun damage. For your convenience, Dr. Rosen carries several brands of these products which she considers to be highly effective. Most of these can only be purchased through a doctor’s office or a medical spa. Please click on Products to learn more.