Using Diet To Reverse Advanced Heart Disease

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If you know anyone with advanced heart disease, please read this excerpt from Dr. Colin Campbell’s book, WHOLE. Most doctors don’t even address how to reverse advanced heart disease. Treatment is limited to only controlling it.

Now there seems to be more and more evidence that diet can actually reverse advanced heart disease. The findings in the below study are truly profound in my opinion.

Esselstyn’s Heart Disease Reversal Study

“In 1985, Esselstyn recruited patients with advanced but not immediately life-threatening heart disease for a clinical trial to explore whether heart disease might be reversed using diet. He confirmed the severity of the coronary artery disease with angiograms to be sure that their disease progression was advanced. The only other requirement for admission into the study was a willingness to attempt the dietary changes he proposed: effectively, a WFPB diet (Whole Food Plant Based diet)*.

Dr. Esselstyn formally reported his findings at five and twelve years. In the eight years prior to the study, his eighteen subjects had had forty-nine coronary episodes (e.g. heart attacks, angioplasty, bypass surgery), but during the twelve years after adopting a WFPB diet, there was only one event, involving a patient who strayed from his diet. He has casually followed his subjects since then and all but five are still alive today, twenty-six years later. The five who passed away did not die of cardiac failure, but from other causes. (The average age of his subjects in 1985 was 56; someone who was 56 in 1985 would be 83 in 2012, so that’s really not unexpected.) And the ones who are still alive are cardiac symptom free. The subjects had forty-nine cardiovascular events in the ninety-six months prior to the intervetion, and zero cardiovascular events in the roughly 312 months since the intervention began. This life-and-death finding is about as profound as any health benefit I have ever known. Nothing else in medicine comes close.”

*Esselstyn’s WFPB diet is a strict vegan diet, with few processed or packaged foods. He also tells his patients to avoid ALL oils.

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