Sclerotherapy for Spider Veins

Sclerotherapy is still considered the most effective treatment for spider veins of the legs; even better than treatment with lasers. After several treatments, veins slowly fade over 3 to 4 months. Dr. Rosen recommends beginning treatment in the fall or winter months because most patients will need to wear thigh-high compression hose for a week or two after each treatment. Also, sun exposure on the legs must be strictly avoided for 3 weeks.

Many patients ask how long the results will last. The majority of leg veins present will disappear or fade significantly with this procedure. These veins are considered permanently treated. Any veins that begin to appear one or more years after the procedure are new veins that were going to develop anyway.

Most people are quite happy with the results and feel their legs look better for years after the procedure.

If you are interested in seeing if you are a candidate for this procedure, please schedule a leg vein consultation appointment. Please keep in mind that this treatment is for spider veins only and not varicose veins.

Also, please note that our price for this treatment is much less than is charged in some vascular surgeons’ offices for the exact same procedure.